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The Department of Law is one of the leading departments of private university. The academic journey in the Department was started in 2002 to deliver higher legal education and research in different areas of law. Since the largest portion of the graduates after completion of their graduation go on to deal with practice in both higher and lower judiciary of Bangladesh. The students with excellent academic standard are admitted here and the Department prepares the students for the practice of law in the country's legal field through a core curriculum designed in accordance with the contemporary standard of legal studies required for Bar Council. The Department of Law offers LLB Honors (4 years) and LLM (1 Year and 2 Years) Programs to craft future lawyers and judges by a group of highly qualified and experienced teachers. The courses are interactive, research-oriented and designed to cover the main subject areas of the object of the Department.


The vision of the Department is to provide students with skilled legal knowledge in a timely and efficient manner. The Department focuses on the aspects of student's legal profession so that they can concentrate on the advancement of their professions.


The missions of the Department are to produce skilled, learned, prominent and upright law graduates to serve the country, to prepare the students to meet up the gaps in legal arena by making new, technical and proper law graduates.

Objectives of the Programs

LLB (Honors) Program: The objectives of the LLB (Honors) program are:

  • To provide profession-based education in law and legal research, and to enable the graduates how to deal with the clients.
  • To make the students able to apply knowledge of legal field so that they can become qualified lawyers and familiar with its institutions and procedures and understand different areas of law.
  • To produce qualified, competent and conscientious students of law who would get any other law-related jobs and develop personnel in law-related professions
  • To develop common sense of the graduates so that they can evaluate and solve the legal problems.
  • To provide necessary knowledge so that the students can obtain Bangladesh Bar Council Certificate as a prerequisite for law practice.

LLM Program:The objectives of the LLM program are:

  • To produce qualified and competent graduates so that the students can be lawyers to perform practice before the courts of Bangladesh and get any job in the legal field of the country.
  • To make students able to acquire in-depth knowledge of indigenous legal issues and international law
  • To provide advance knowledge of law and individual research
  • To make the students able to identify and analyze universal legal problems, compare universal legal systems, conduct legal research to help finding remedies to current social or political international issues.
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 4 Year (Hons.) in LLB-138 Credits 
 1 Year LLM (Regular)-33 Credits 
 2 Year LLM (Preli & Final)-63 Credits 

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Prime University is one of the leading private Universities of the country. A group of educationists and philanthropists has established this institute of higher studies with an aim to create knowledge based society in the year 2002. The University grants Commissions and the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh accorded permission to establish this magnificent institute.

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